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After falling under tough times, Heather became one of the millions of Americans who find themselves crippled with personal debt. When that debt became too much to bear, Heather got a phone call from Professional Credit Service (PCS). Abiding by the values PCS has pledged to uphold, the company worked patiently and compassionately with Heather to find a payment plan that worked for her. Learn more about Heather’s comeback.


With the average US household now carrying $15, 355 in credit card debt alone, more and more businesses across the country are strapped for cash, making third-party collection agencies a key step in their revenue cycles and invaluable partners in recovering the income they need to survive. With the help of Wakefield and Associates, and Clair Family Dentistry's trust in their commitment to efficient recovery, Clair Family Dentistry is able to focus more on the growth of their family practice, protecting the payroll of its hygeniests, and keeping services low cost and available for its patients. Find out how third party collection is good for business at Clair Family Dentistry.


Julie is a single mom and one of the nearly 140,000 Americans who depend on the debt collection industry to put food on the table. Also one of the tens of thousands of women who now make up nearly 70 percent of the collections workforce, Julie entered the industry because she wanted to provide a better life for her daughters. Get to know Julie

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