Account Representative, FPRS

Upon relocating to Northern Colorado from Southern California, I found myself in a rut, not knowing where to look for an established job. I stumbled across the opening with FPRS while on my search for a job. My initial reaction was that I did not want to be a pesky bill collector. With very minimal options open to me, I decided to take the job offer as a Patient Account Representative. After my first day of orientation, I fell in love with not only the role of the job I had taken, but the company as a whole. This company is very welcoming, and truly cares about the well-being of their employees. I have never worked for a company that is so compassionate towards their workers, and will go above and beyond to meet their needs. Each day I am excited to help meet patient’s needs and concerns in a compassionate manner, while offering them several helpful avenues to resolve their debt. This job has allowed me the financial opportunity to stop renting a home, to owing my very own. I feel very lucky to work for a superb company alongside caring employees, which has given me a new feeling of self-worth.

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