Account Representative, Professional Finance Company

When I came to Professional Finance Company, I had been working in a position that was not my career path and was essentially a “spot holder” for me as I had recently moved to the area and needed employment. I applied to PFC with the intention of working in an office environment where my skills and personality would be beneficial and applicable. When I first began, I felt a little nervous about the work that I would be doing as I had pre-conceived ideas about what bill collectors do and I knew that a common perception of this line of work is somewhat negative. I myself had a somewhat apprehensive viewpoint of individuals in the medical billing field as my personal experience with it had not been the most positive in times past.

Not far into training it became clear to me that this position is not about calling people and demanding payment for medical services as I had previously thought. This position is about helping people which falls in line with what I find gratifying in a job and life in general. I soon learned that each day I would be presented with a variety of situations where my knowledge, skill, empathy, compassion, understanding and problem-solving ability would be heavily relied upon to ensure that the patients we work with would be assisted properly in accordance to the policy and regulation of the company but also with kindness and respect- as each one of them deserves.

Not only have I gained a variety of skills pertaining to basic office and clerical duties, I have gained a substantial amount of knowledge about many areas including health care, medical billing and practices, skills for communicating with emotional individuals, problem solving in stressful situations, and negotiation tactics. I think most importantly however, is that I have learned the ability to consider that there is an entire system of events at work behind each patient I talk to and I only have a small snippet of time in their day with which to make a positive and lasting difference for them and possibly impact their perception of those who do this job.

Working for PFC has opened up opportunity for me for growth within the company but has also taught me desirable skills and knowledge that are easily transferred should I choose to seek employment elsewhere. Those skills I have gained through the company have opened up even more opportunity for me professionally. The company’s philosophy and approach has had a lasting effect on my ideals about how an employee could and perhaps should be treated by their employer. In my working career, I have never been part of a company that cares as much about each employee as this company does. There is recognition for hard work, there is understanding for situations that may make it difficult to complete job tasks, there is a warm and welcome atmosphere and most of all, there is inclusiveness. The company makes us as employees feel as though we are part of something bigger, doing things for the greater good but recognizing that there are sacrifices we as individuals make to be here and do a necessary job in society today.

My overall experience with this company has been exceptionally beneficial in fostering personal and professional growth. It has facilitated the shaping of my professional person and has given me confidence in my work and knowledge. What I find to be most valuable however, is that this job has taught me compassion and understanding for others and that each interaction is only a small portion of the myriad of interactions and event in each person’s day and that in that brief time, I have the power to make a difference in someone’s life.

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