The Coalition

Third party debt collection is a major industry with a vital impact on America’s economic agenda – yet it remains misunderstood by too many of our nation’s consumers and policymakers. Longstanding perceptions of the industry, its employees and its practices simply do not square with the facts.

Collect the Truth is a coalition that was formed to tell the true story of third party collection and level the playing field for the hundreds of thousands of employees whose jobs the industry supports. Not just the data and statistics, but the stories of the hardworking and compassionate men and women who depend on the industry to put food on the table, the consumers who benefit from the counseling and increased financial stability that debt collectors help provide, and the clients who rely on the income recovered by third party collectors that they need for their businesses to survive.

Collect the Truth is an initiative of the Institute for Collection Leadership, a coalition of leading national large agency credit and collection professionals.

By focusing on the more than 200,000 Americans whose livelihoods are tied to the industry,the millions of consumers who feel the industry’s positive impact, and the thousands of small businesses, hospitals, universities, local governments, and financial institutions who need the industry to recover billions of dollars for their own bottom lines, Collect the Truth is seeking to correct the record.


We believe every individual has worth and should be treated with dignity and respect. We will make it our responsibility to help consumers find ways to pay their debts, and be professional
and ethical in doing so.

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